Obama Email: Hang with Me and Michael Jordan!

Obama Email: Hang with Me and Michael Jordan!

President Obama’s latest fundraising email has moved away from the pathetic and crazed attempts to guilt Americans into donations, and back toward the Obama-as-celebrity meme. This time, Obama’s telling you that if you give money, you might get to meet the only living human being better at basketball than our illustrious president: Michael Jordan. Here’s the text:

Benjamin —

When Michael Jordan wrote a check to my campaign for U.S. Senate in 2004, I wasn’t sure whether I should cash it or frame it.

Now Michael Jordan is taking his support to the next level. If you chip in $3 or whatever you can today, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to meet both of us at an event later this month in New York City.

You’re invited to bring a guest — so if basketball isn’t your game, I encourage you to bring someone in your life who might enjoy meeting Michael and me over dinner, and maybe even shooting some hoops with some of the other basketball stars, past and present.

Now, I don’t know if I’ll want to sprint up and down the court that night, but I’m always up to launch a few jump shots. If you join me, don’t be surprised if I challenge you or your guest to play.

Tonight is the deadline to throw your name in — and, today only, every entry counts for two. Make a donation, and you’ll be automatically entered:




In other words, if you give Barack some cash, the two of you can go play hoop.

President Obama’s personal celebrity factor remains his only enduring achievement. He successfully transformed himself from unknown in 2004 into one of the country’s leading glitz political figures; he then leveraged that celebrity into the presidency. Now it’s his only asset. The good news: he has the capacity to put together a mean pickup game at the White House. The bad news: he’s still a rotten president who has to draw donations by sponging off his celebrity supporters.