Obama Spokeswoman Contradicts Deputy Campaign Manager On Soptic Ad

Obama Spokeswoman Contradicts Deputy Campaign Manager On Soptic Ad

President Obama’s campaign is spinning after the furor caused by possible collusion between the campaign and Bill Burton’s Priorities USA superPAC over an ad in which they labeled Mitt Romney as a murderer. Cutter dropped her scheduled “This Week” appearance in the wake of the scandal. Now Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki (who once called Brett Baier a “lunatic” in email) is sloppily contradicting Cutter:

President Barack Obama’s traveling press corps failed to press spokeswoman Jen Psaki today on contradictory statements she made this week regarding the campaign’s knowledge of details about former steelworker Joe Soptic, who appears in a controversial Priorities USA ad.

Amid mounting accusations that Psaki and other campaign representatives lied by initially claiming ignorance of Soptic’s story — when, in fact, they had used Soptic’s story in a two-minute campaign ad and conference call in May — reporters seemed content to let Psaki walk the story back without follow-up.

The spokeswoman is out in public completely contradicting the embattled deputy campaign manager? It began with Cutter flatly stating on CNN that they “didn’t know Soptic’s story,” but then, truth revealed that not only were they aware, but they were hosting him as he told his story on OFA conference calls. They can’t explain the bizarre similarities between the Obama campaign ad and the Priorities USA ad

While the Obama campaign flails around and its top two faces battle it out in the press with this latest gaffe-tastic scandal, where is the FEC? The press pool?