Romney Reaches Halfway Point Toward $800 Million Fundraising Goal

Romney Reaches Halfway Point Toward $800 Million Fundraising Goal

Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets, said on Thursday that Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has raised $400 million, which is halfway toward its goal of $800 million. 

“We’re about halfway through our fundraising, and so if you feel tired now, you gotta go take a couple vitamins because we’re gonna really have a strong push to the finish line,” Johnson said at a fundraiser with Romney in Manhattan, according to The Hill. “It’s a little bit like chopping wood. You look over at your pile and you can actually see how it looks.”

President Barack Obama’s campaign thought it could raise a billion dollars, but have fallen short of that projection. Should Romney raise the $800 million, it would not only beat the $750 million Obama raised in 2008, but give the campaign the resources it needs to counter Obama on the airwaves and maximize turnout on the ground in November. In 2008, McCain, whose campaign nearly went bankrupt during the primaries, did not have sufficient resources to counter Obama’s air and ground operations. 

Romney finance chairman Spencer Zwick told the gathering that the campaign had raised $5 million in the past couple of days alone and said, “We’re not going to use the money on things that don’t matter, we’re going to use the money to win.”

Romney also spoke about his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which Netanyahu told him that Israel’s GDP was shrinking because of government interference.

“The president is presiding over an America that is becoming weaker under his leadership,” Romney said, according to The Hill. “He does not know how to make this economy strong again.”