Ryan a Palin-esque Pick with a Plus

Ryan a Palin-esque Pick with a Plus

Romney is known for making tough, data-driven business decisions that both made him wealthy and created wealth for others. Mitt Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin for his Vice Presidential slot reveals a capable decision-maker able to assess political realities and make both a bold, yet conventional-enough decision that scores points and is sure to be praised by his two major constituencies -the Washington establishment and the Right’s grassroots.

If it can be said that John McCain threw something of a Hail Mary pass by selecting Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008, Romney has thrown a long ball, as well, while making certain that his receiver was open before he launched the ball.

In Ryan, Romney gets a running mate that represents both the young, conservative, smart and aggressive face of the Republican Party to which Sarah Palin so strongly appeals, while at the same time, a pick capable of silencing establishment critics who so often rebuff advances by would be political outsiders like Palin herself.

The real brilliance in Romney’s selection of Ryan is that he, in a sense, split the difference, while not compromising one bit. Ryan is seen and embraced as “the real deal” by both the grassroots and establishment, alike. Watching Ryan’s opening speech as Mitt Romney’s running mate confirms that fact.

In it, one can sense the almost youthful optimism about America Sarah Palin embodies with her fresh, candid approach to politics; while a look at Ryan’s record reveals an experienced Washington hand who has served successfully and productively in the U.S. House of Representative since 1999.

Underneath any practical, debate shaping benefits, or public relations surge, Mitt Romney may gain from naming Paul Ryan as his Veep with American voters who are concerned with the direction of America and sense a lack of determined leadership and smart decision-making from the current occupant of the White House. When it comes to making decisions, Mitt Romney’s elevation to the presidency would put America in very capable hands.