Broke Weiner Slides Into $3.3M Manhattan Apartment

Broke Weiner Slides Into $3.3M Manhattan Apartment

How much is Huma Abedin in bed with Hillary Clinton? Possibly $3.3 million worth.

Abedin, Clinton’s longtime aide, and her husband Anthony Weiner have moved into a $3.3 million Manhattan apartment that just so happens to be owned by Jack Rosen, who flies the Clintons in his own planes and is a huge financial backer of the Clintons. Rosen is a high-ranking Obama bundler, having given more than $500,000 to Obama’s reelection campaign, and has donated thousands of dollars to Weiner’s own political career.

The market-rate rent on the 2,120-square-foot, four-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom apartment is roughly $12,000 to $14,000 a month. The Abedin-Weiner apartment can be compared to a lower-floor apartment that is only 1,476 square feet and two bedrooms that recently rented for $10,000 a month. One Clinton friend said, “It’s a ridiculously expensive place. Everyone assumes they live there for free, thanks to a donor, a friend of Bill and Hillary, or even just someone with an empty place who is connected.”

Of course, Hillary Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines denied there was anything fishy going on: “They are a two-income family and are more than capable of paying their market-rate rent.” Except that they’re not; Weiner lost his $175,000 job after the sexting scandal, and Abedin makes roughly $150,000 a year.

Could they have gotten the money from selling their previous domiciles? Weiner sold his 875-square foot two-bedroom Forest Hills condo for $475,000 and might have made some money, but Abedin lost money when she sold hers; she sold her Washington, D.C. condo for $620,000 after she had bought it for $649,000. 

Federal officials such as Abedin are forbidden to receive gifts without disclosing them to the public; this is to confirm that their actions are above board and not influenced by bribery.

So where are Abedin-Weiner getting the cash?