Ryan Bounce: Romney Up Two in Gallup Poll

Ryan Bounce: Romney Up Two in Gallup Poll

Today, Gallup’s daily tracking poll showed Romney moving into a two-point lead over Obama, 47% to 45%. It was the first time since early June that Romney has led in the tracking poll. The race was tied all last week at 46%.

A good portion of today’s numbers come after the announcement of Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate. Democrats were initially giddy about the selection, as they assumed they could paint Ryan and, by extension, Mitt Romney, as a “dangerous radical,” with his plan to reform entitlements. Ever since the announcement, the media has been on a crusade to attack Ryan and build up his negatives. 

Today’s numbers from Gallup, however, suggest that the media’s efforts aren’t working. Expect the critiques to get even more shrill and expect more “anonymous” GOP sources to criticize Ryan. It is what the media does. 

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