Bishop: Ryan's Catholic Faith Has Informed His Policy

Bishop: Ryan's Catholic Faith Has Informed His Policy

While some on the Catholic left charge that Paul Ryan has abandoned the teachings of the Catholic Church in his responsibilities as Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin has come to his defense.

In a column posted on his diocesan website, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, WI said that while “it is not for the bishop or priests to endorse particular candidates or political parties,” it is their role “to teach principles of our faith, such that those who seek elected offices, if they are Catholics, are to form their consciences according to these principles about particular policy issues.”

According to Bishop Morlino, “some of the most fundamental issues for the formation of a Catholic conscience are as follows: sacredness of human life from conception to natural death, marriage, religious freedom and freedom of conscience, and a right to private property.” Morlino said, “Violations of the above involve intrinsic evil- that is, an evil which cannot be justified by any circumstances whatsoever…the violations would be: abortion, euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, same-sex marriage, government-coerced secularism, and socialism.”

Bishop Morlino, who states that he knows Paul Ryan “very well,” added, “Vice Presidential Candidate Ryan is aware of Catholic Social Teaching and is very careful to fashion and form his conclusions in accord with the principles mentioned above.”

In an interview with National Catholic Register, Bishop Morlino emphasized that his remarks about Paul Ryan should not be perceived as an endorsement of him or any other Catholic candidate. “I am defending his reputation because I am the one who, as his diocesan bishop, should have something to say about this, if anyone does,” Morlino said.