Reid Calls on Romney to Release Taxes in Email, Starts Petition

Reid Calls on Romney to Release Taxes in Email, Starts Petition

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who has accused Mitt Romney of not paying taxes by citing mysterious anonymous sources, today sent an e-mail on behalf of the Obama campaign asking supporters to sign a petition to urge Romney to release his tax returns.

“Friday morning, I sent a letter to Mitt Romney’s campaign manager, asking that Romney release just five years of tax returns,” Reid’s e-mail begins.  “And I made a commitment that, if he does, this campaign would not demand more.”

Reid, even though he has hypocritically refused to release his own tax returns also wrote:

It is absolutely relevant for us to ask how much a presidential candidate paid in taxes, if he sheltered his money or tried to get out of paying taxes at all, why he started — and continues to own — a corporation offshore in Bermuda, why he keeps his finances offshore in the Cayman Islands, and why he opened a Swiss bank account.

In refusing to be transparent about it, he’s not only breaking the trust he’s asking voters to place in him, but also three decades of precedent that began with his own father’s presidential campaign in 1968.

This is another attempt by Democrats and the Obama campaign to bait the media into talking endlessly about Romney’s taxes instead of the economy or Team Obama’s many mishaps (“You didn’t build that,” Joe Soptic, etc.). But there comes a point when even liberals in the media get tired of it, and they already may be getting tired of the nonsense.  

Even the ultra-liberal Jon Stewart, the host of “The Daily Show,” mocked Harry Reid for invoking Romney’s father, George, which Reid did again in the e-mail, on his show two weeks ago. 

“I cannot believe you just went dead-dad shame on Mitt Romney,” Stewart said on his show. “As someone who has truly and thoroughly disappointed his still-living father on many occasions, that is bulls**t shot.”