Farmers Market Workers Don't Like 'You Didn't Build That'

Farmers Market Workers Don't Like 'You Didn't Build That'

When pundits likened Barack Obama’s socialist intentions to Adolf Hitler’s, leftist critics lampooned the comparisons as partisan attacks that were hilariously extreme. But now Obama’s deathless comment “If you got a business, you didn’t build that” has opened the eyes of ordinary people who actually knew how the Nazis and National Socialism got started.

Obama made an unannounced stop at a farm market called Mack’s Apples in New Hampshire on Saturday. In 2008, Obama held two campaign rallies there. But now, in 2012, Evelyn Keller, the store’s manager, said that Obama’s remark caused some “concern” with the market’s employees:

Personally, I think if we give all the credit to government, we’re going to lose sight of encouragement to others who need it to start businesses. We’ve been talking about them a lot here. I think people have certainly taken notice. I think… I think there’s just a danger when government is involved too much.

What made her so uncomfortable? She said that she was uneasy with Obama’s statement because of her family’s experience in Nazi Germany. 

The Left has been wildly successful for decades in painting Hitler’s Nazis as a fascist right-wing movement. But as any historian worth his salt will attest, the Nazis were a left-wing socialist movement, and the very methods they used to gradually usurp power are strikingly similar to Obama’s: Obama wants to pretend he believes in private ownership while he takes over corporations; he champions a cult of personality approach to politics; he has pals who condone thuggish behavior, from the leaders of unions to the Occupy movement; he and Hillary Clinton look for every way they can to control private gun ownership; he pretends to be a Christian while his actions betray him as a militant secularist; and he and his cohorts seek to control the media. Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe has said that in 2007, he overheard Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer discussing talk radio and commenting “there’s got to be a legislative fix for this.”

It’s no wonder that someone who understands how socialists like the Nazis came to power would be afraid of Obama.  And if a humble apple market owner can see Obama for what he truly represents, perhaps the rest of the country will take note.