Do Obama and Biden Support Child Rape?

Do Obama and Biden Support Child Rape?

Let’s play the game by the same rules as Barack Obama and his mainstream media supporters. Virginia Democrats, including some of President Obama’s close supporters and surrogates, just opposed a new law that imposes automatic life sentences on criminals who rape children under the age of 13. Democrats accounted for all of the votes against the law. Neither the White House nor the Obama campaign has disagreed with the stance of his Virginia supporters. Obama himself has a history of opposing tough sentencing laws. Therefore, according to the same logic the media applies to Obama’s opponents, his silence equals support for child rape.

The Obama campaign is trying to tarnish Mitt Romney, and especially his popular running mate Paul Ryan, by association with Todd Akin’s (retracted) view that a woman cannot become pregnant through “legitimate” rape. The argument goes like this: Ryan and Akin both opposed federal funding for abortion. Ryan and Akin both signed on to an anti-abortion bill that, in its initial draft, allowed for an exemption for “forcible” rapes. 

Never mind that the exception merely codified existing interpretation of the Hyde amendment, which bans federal funding for abortion. Never mind that Ryan supported removing the “forcible” language. Never mind that Democrats also backed the bill, including Indiana candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Donnelly. Never mind that the federal crime of rape has been redefined often–including, most recently, by the Obama administration, which expanded the definition of rape to include oral sex, anal sex, and male victims. 

No–Ryan wants to redefine rape to add to the suffering of female victims, because he and Mitt Romney hate women. Just ask Sandra Fluke.

So let’s apply that style of reasoning to Obama and his rather touchy-feely running mate, Joe Biden. Virginia Republicans wanted to deter and punish child rape. Virginia Democrats said no, and neither Obama nor Biden has distanced themselves from that view. There’s nothing in the Democratic Party platform about protecting children from rape, either. So there you have it–Obama and Biden support child rapists. Or something.

Can we get back to reality, and real issues, now? 

Not if we must rely on the mainstream media, evidently.