Bielat Appeal Pokes Fun at Aristocratic Kennedy Opponent

Bielat Appeal Pokes Fun at Aristocratic Kennedy Opponent

So much for the myth that Democrats are the political party for the little guy. Calling it “unbelieveable,” a fund raising appeal from Republican Sean Bielat highlights a Hyannis Port fund raiser for fledgling politician Joe Kennedy III, featuring former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Ethel Kennedy and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, all for the price of just $38,800 per attendee.

First time politicians don’t normally receive such high and mighty attention, let alone come with such a lofty price tag. Clearly, all bets are still on when you’re a Democrat and your last name is Kennedy.

A postscript to Bielat’s letter reads, “Each time a Kennedy gets elected, they spend nearly 20 years in office! Do you want two more decades of the same bad policies?”

Playing off the pricey Hyannis Port affair, Bielat confesses that his supporters may not be quite so well heeled, while asking them to pony up to the tune of a mere $38.50 to help meet the significant costs of running against a decades old Kennedy political machine that languished bloated in the Senate for years:

“I have supporters, but few of them could possibly afford donations like that. That’s why I am reaching out to you. I need to find concerned Americans who will donate at least $35.80 to my campaign by August 31st.”

What remains to be seen is if the citizens of Massachusetts have had enough of an increasingly leftist Kennedy regime, long proved to be more of a friend to America’s current policy-driven economic woes, than the average Joe. Bielat’s cheap funding appeal for $38.50 may resonate with voters who have seen their pocketbooks shrink more than ever before with most of the federal government in the hands of Democrats over the last few years.