Obama Ad Pretends Voters Disillusioned with GOP, Not Him

Obama Ad Pretends Voters Disillusioned with GOP, Not Him

Obama for America has released its first response to the devastating attack on President Obama leveled by the new Citizens United documentary, “The Hope & The Change,” directed by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. 

That film shows Democrats and independents speaking about their disillusionment with the President in heartrending terms. And it demonstrates that swing voters are moving away from Obama with alacrity.

Now, Obama for America has put out an online ad featuring “Republican Women for Obama.” It shows former Republicans complaining that the GOP has become too extreme. “Something’s happened in the last couple years that has completely turned things upside down,” says one woman. “The Republican Party’s gone too far to the right,” says another.

It’s an attack that’s not likely to convince swing voters. It centers only on abortion and birth control. And it’s blatantly dishonest; it implies that the Republican Party has somehow changed its policies on birth control and abortion, which it has not. It’s unlikely to convince Americans concerned about the economy and the direction of the country that there are many swing voters who have truly turned away from the GOP.

But it’s the strategy that matters. David Axelrod and his minions at Obama for America recognize that more and more swing voters are unhappy with the President, as “The Hope & The Change” amply demonstrates. And they feel the need to fight back by mimicking Citizens United’s and Bannon’s tactics. It won’t work. The idea that Republican women have been convinced to switch parties by Obama’s massive liberalism and Mitt Romney’s consistently conservative record – a record in consonance with decades of Republican platforms – is patently absurd.

But watch for more of this tactic. The Democrats recognize the danger of a disillusioned electorate. And now, they have no choice but to pretend that that electorate is disillusioned with Republicans rather than their own leadership.