RNC Protester Arrested Carrying Machete

RNC Protester Arrested Carrying Machete

Police arrested a Tallahassee man protesting at the Republican National Convention for carrying a machete into the Event Zone.

According to authorities, Jason T. Wilson had a “full size” machete (pictured above) strapped to his leg at a Sunday protest. 

When deputies approached Wilson, they said he continued to walk away despite orders to stop.

“When deputies caught up to Wilson, he advised he did not have to stop and that he was allowed to carry whatever he wanted,” HCSO spokesperson Larry McKinnon said.

When deputies attempted to physically stop him, Wilson allegedly began resisting arrest and was physically restrained.

The police have not connected Wilson to any particular organization or entity protesting at the RNC. 

Although formally organized left-wing protesters promise “non-violent” tactics, they plan to disrupt businesses and not cooperate with police investigating other protesters who may damage property or harass private citizens. An anonymous individual threatened to “legitimately rape” conservative activists Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan at the convention.