Biden Upsets Obama Celebs at Hamptons Fundraiser

Biden Upsets Obama Celebs at Hamptons Fundraiser

Vice President Joe Biden managed to upset celebrities who have been some of Obama’s most fervent supporters when he showed up more than two hours late to a New York fundraiser in the Hamptons.

Celebrities like Russell Simmons left the event out of frustration before Biden showed up.

When he arrived, Biden, according to the event’s attendees, said, “I had a speech for you, but it’s not fair of me [to talk too long]… I am shocked everyone stayed. In college if my professor was 20 minutes late, I’d be out of the classroom.”

Attendees at the event told the New York Post they were supposed to be at the fundraiser by 2:30 p.m., but Biden’s plane had not even landed by then. Biden eventually arrived after 5 p.m. 

Two people also passed out at the event in the heat while they were waiting for Biden.

The event’s hosts included Hollywood celebrities like Julianne Moore, the liberal actor who played Sarah Palin in the fictional “Game Change” movie,  and the actor Nathan Lane.

The Obama campaign dispatched Biden to the fundraiser thinking it would do the campaign no harm after Biden’s recent spate of gaffes on the campaign trail.

Biden was scheduled to speak in Florida while Republicans held their national convention but recently cancelled the event.