Maryland Democrat Governor Accuses Romney of Racism

Maryland Democrat Governor Accuses Romney of Racism

Is there any calumny that Barack Obama and his minions have not tried to use against Mitt Romney? They have accused him of being:

  • A murderer. Remember the Joe Soptic ad?
  • A felon. Remember Stephanie Cutter calling Romney a felon?
  • A man who tolerates those who are soft on rape.

But those slanders weren’t enough. Now the Democratic governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, who has ambitions for 2016, has called Romney a racist, and you’ll never guess which site gave him a megaphone to use.

That’s correct: Politico. Here’s the Maryland party hack’s attack:

When you have a party that says coded things, that makes totally false ads up, falsely saying the president is trying to undo welfare reform, I think you’re going to see a lot of heavily and not-so-subtly coded messages from the Romney-Ryan campaign. What people are going to see very clearly, simply in the pictures that come in to their living rooms of these two conventions, is a party of exclusion, and a party of inclusion. The Republicans have painted themselves into a demographic corner, if you will. You hear people, like even Jeb Bush, saying that they have to change for the long-term because this view of white, Anglo-Saxon America, ‘I’m a true American, no one questions where I was born’ sort of thing is very off-putting to us who believe that our diversity is our strength.

For this shill to assert that the Republicans are the party of exclusion is nefarious. It is the Democrats who divide Americans into sub-groups, and then target them separately; it is the Democrats who cry race at the slightest provocation, it is the Democrats who got their president elected by constantly reminding America that he would absolve white America of its collective guilt; it is the Democrats who have crippled the African-American community by encouraging the welfare state.

For O’Malley to paint Romney as a racist at the behest of the Obama Administration is a genuinely evil act. And a man who prostitutes himself and unjustly slanders a good man in pursuit of his personal ambition should be shunned by all those who believe in decency.