Michigan in Play: Poll Shows Obama, Romney Tied

Michigan in Play: Poll Shows Obama, Romney Tied

Ten days ago a poll was released showing Romney up by four in what should be a safe state for President FailureTeleprompter — the state of Michigan — a state Obama won by a whopping 16.4% in 2008. Obama’s media minions either ignored that poll altogether or claimed it was an outlier (didn’t fit The Narrative). But actions speak louder than polls and, as recently as Friday,  Romney held an event in his home state of Michigan.

With 70-odd days to go, Romney spending precious time in Michigan is not a head feint. He thinks he has a chance there. As well he should…

Today a new Michigan poll’s been released that shows the race tied, 47-47%. An incumbent president three points under the necessary 50% in a state he won by 16 points just four years ago has to be discouraging for Team Obama, which might help to explain their hysterical behavior of late.

What’s notable about the two recent polls showing Romney in pretty good shape in Michigan is the number of likely voters surveyed — 1300 and 1700. The polls showing Obama up six only survey 600 likely voters.

This trend towards Romney is undoubtedly real. After trailing by four points 10 days ago, team Romney has closed the gap nationally, and that same tightening can be found in the all-important swing states.

The days of the counter-intuitive close national polls and swing-state polls showing Obama with a substantial lead are now over.

Pretty soon Obama and his media minions will have to acknowledge what they no doubt consider a Horrible Reality — that Obama’s going to have to play defense in states once considered safer than safe. Neither wants to acknowledge this Horrible Reality, because it will no doubt shift The Narrative, which will mean a crack in the carefully construct shield the media’s manufactured around Their Precious One, portraying him as invulnerable.


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