Consumer Confidence Plummets To Year's Lowest Level

Consumer Confidence Plummets To Year's Lowest Level

As the corrupt media guards Obama’s palace with narratives that sound something like, RichMormonFreakIsSoftOnRape AndWantsToEatThePoor BecauseTaxCheatFelonKilledMyWife, out here in the real world people are suffering under Barack Obama’s failed policies. But the Media-Collective doesn’t want to talk about that. Might help Romney.

The American people, however, beg to differ and are talking amongst themselves about an economy that’s slowing and an unemployment rate that’s rising:

U.S. consumer confidence unexpectedly weakened in August to its lowest in nine months as Americans turned more pessimistic about the short-term outlook, according to a private sector report released on Tuesday.

The Conference Board, an industry group, said its index of consumer attitudes fell to 60.6 from a downwardly revised 65.4 the month before. Economists had expected an increase to 66, according to a Reuters poll.

It was the lowest level since November. July was originally reported as 65.9.

Hard to figure out which word Obama’s Media Palace Guards have used the most over the last four years: “unexpectedly” or “ThatsRacist.”

Just keep telling us the rise in unemployment is a good thing, Corrupt Media. Because when you finally go under and are among the unemployed, it really will be a good thing.


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