'The Hope and The Change' Special Most-Watched Cable News Program Last Friday

'The Hope and The Change' Special Most-Watched Cable News Program Last Friday

Last Friday, more than 2.25 million viewers watched Fox News’ one-hour special on “The Hope and The Change” on “Hannity,” making the program the most-watched cable news show of the evening. 

More people watched the one-hour special about “The Hope and The Change” than all the other cable news programs combined during the 9 p.m. and midnight hours. It was the most watched program on FOX News on Friday and won the coveted age 25-54 demographic. 

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen Bannon wrote and directed “The Hope and The Change,” which Sean Hannity called the “most powerful documentary I’ve ever seen.” 

David Bossie’s Citizens United produced the movie, which interviewed blue-collar Democrats and independents from the crucial swing states of Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Colorado. These voters voted for Obama and 2008 and will not do so in 2012. They give their compelling — and often heartbreaking — reasons why they will not vote for Obama.

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell, who worked for Jimmy Carter, consulted on the film, and the 40 Democrats and independents who voted for Obama all shared stories about how disillusionment had replaced the euphoria they felt for Obama in 2008. These voters are disheartened because of Obama’s policies and their negative effects on the country’s economy. 

The mainstream media has reflexively labeled the film “propaganda,” even though the voters are real and their stories compelling and heartfelt. Caddell said those who worked on the film wanted to cry when interviewing these voters live. He calls them “the voice of America” who thought Obama could represent and fight for their working class interests and unite the country. 

Instead, they feel Obama has shattered their hopes and dreams with his divisive policies and rhetoric., Mitt Romney said at a campaign stop that Obama has shattered the country in order to try and cynically piece together 51% of it to win reelection. Hannity said that nobody who watches “The Hope and The Change” could vote for Obama. 

The movie will be screened at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions before being distributed on a broader scale.