Clarity: The Key to Romney Pulling Ahead

Clarity: The Key to Romney Pulling Ahead

Like many conservatives, I can’t get my arms around the thought that the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is anywhere near tight. We have a disastrous economy with businesses suffocating from burdensome regulations and anticipation of heavier taxes and fines, an anxious citizenry fearful of a health care system in the hands of bureaucrats that will deliver mediocre care, and a foreign “policy” that is pretty much a Rorschach inkblot waiting for someone to say what it might be.

So, why is the race tight? Do we need a house to fall on us?

Then, on Sunday morning, I read Larry Kudlow’s column, in which he takes Mitt Romney to task for walking back his perfectly decent tax cut plan. Kudlow observes that, under Obama, median household income has declined $4,500. Under Romney’s 20% tax cut plan, however, take-home pay for a married couple earning $140,000 would increase by over $7,100. Naturally, Kudlow wants to know why Romney told an Ohio crowd last week why they shouldn’t be looking for a huge cut in taxes if he’s president, because “I’m also going to lower deductions and exemptions.”

Geez, Mitt, conservatism really isn’t that hard. By trying to cover too many bases in one speech, you’re confusing us. And if you’re confusing informed conservatives, we can only surmise what’s happening with some of the unthinking, uninformed Americans who traditionally go into the voting booth every four years and vote “D” because it’s the first line on the ballot.

The conservative message is pretty simple: cut taxes to stimulate growth, get rid of business-stifling government regulations so the free market can prevail, and keep the country safe. No need to reinvent the wheel. The founders did it all already. We need you, Mitt, to be the leader who will put the message into practice.

You seem like a really nice guy, Mitt. You have a great running mate. And you have a conservative base that is really fired up and ready to go. So, when you meet Barack in Colorado on Wednesday night for the first debate, clearly spell out your plans so that everyone believes what you say. Because, if you don’t, you will create a sense that you’re hedging and can’t be trusted to stick to your message. And we are way, way beyond that in this country. We’ve already had promises of hope and change and then all the lies that have come after them. We need a clear, straight-up plan, with no frills. Just sound conservative principles.

Really, Mitt, clarity will get you everywhere… including to the White House.