Paul Ryan Begins 'Real Recovery' Bus Tour of Eastern Iowa

Paul Ryan Begins 'Real Recovery' Bus Tour of Eastern Iowa

Today, Paul Ryan will continue the Real Recovery bus tour in Eastern Iowa before heading to Virginia for three days of debate prep for next week’s vice presidential debate against Vice President Joe Biden. 

On Monday, in Dubuque, Ryan started the bus tour and tried to steer the conversation back to the economy, touting the pro-growth economic policies a Romney-Ryan administration would champion. He said these policies would “get people out of poverty and into the middle class.” 

Ryan said the Romney-Ryan ticket  would support  economic principles and policies that are “proven, pro-growth” solutions that would lead to a dynamic economy and more upward mobility. Playing up Romney’s business record, Ryan stressed that success was nothing to be ashamed about because that “is why you go to college” — in order to succeed. 

He also criticized Obama for putting defense cuts on the table, and said Romney would not weaken America’s military at home or abroad. “We are not going to gut the military,” Ryan said. 

Ryan encouraged those in the audience to find one person who voted for Obama in 2008 and convince them to vote for Romney in 2012 so the country can “reapply” and not “replace” the nation’s founding principles. 

Today, Ryan will hold events at the Clinton County Courthouse in Clinton, Iowa, Elly’s Tea & Coffee House in Muscatine, Iowa and the Burlington Victory Office in Burlington, Iowa.

Ryan heads to Virginia on Wednesday, and, on Thursday, he and Romney will campaign together in Fisherville, Virginia with country music star Trace Adkins.