Biden: 'This VP Stuff Is Tough'

Biden: 'This VP Stuff Is Tough'

According to press pool accounts, Vice President Joe Biden today made a stop in a Hy-Vee Store in Iowa to pick up some soup at a food counter. After grabbing some vegetable beef soup, he began complaining about the trials and tribulations of to-go food on the campaign trail.

“They’re hard on me, man,” Biden complained to other shoppers nearby. “This vice president stuff is tough.”

Peggy Nelson, a nearby customer, intoned, “That really sucks, doesn’t it?”

Shortly thereafter, Biden decided to make the acquaintance of one Karen Foley. After she introduced herself, he joked that his name was Joe Finnegan, since she had an Irish surname. She told him she knew who he was. “You’re very pretty,” he replied.

This is the third separate instance on the campaign trail in which Biden has flirted with the female constituency. He’s got a mini-war on women going. First, there was the kiss with a female admirer in Ohio. Then there was getting cozy with a biker gal in Ohio – he put her on his lap as two of her male friends looked on with death glares pasted on their faces.

Yes, it’s sure tough to be Vice President of the United States. Just imagine how hard it is for Americans for Joe Biden to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.