Obama Camp: 'We'll Make Adjustments'

Obama Camp: 'We'll Make Adjustments'

The Obama campaign is bent like a pretzel now. On the one hand they acknowledge that Obama was abysmal in Wednesday night’s debate, while on the other hand, they insist that he did well.

Obama’s advisors said that adjustments will have to be made. David Axelrod, Obama’s senior campaign strategist, said the advisors are going to take “a hard look” at Obama’s debate performance. These kinds of statements clearly indicate that Obama’s handlers were upset with his performance.

Obama’s fans were disturbed, too.  One former Obama administration official said, “I’ve put down my paper bag and I am breathing again.” Another former aide said, “It was obvious for everybody that his energy level was low — especially for the president.” An Obama donor bleated, “Look, it was just a terrible performance,” and said that Thursday morning “felt like a hangover and no alcohol was involved.”

But Obama senior advisor David Plouffe insisted Obama felt “he did a good job,” because he projected “steadiness.”

We all knew the Narcissistic One lives in his own world, but this kind of self-delusion is the stuff of Greek myths.  Ohhh … that’s  what those Greek pillars were for!

Another former Obama official protested:

“I don’t think his advisers need to tell him anything — the president is a competitive guy. He knows what happened. He’ll know what to do for the next one.”

Sure he does.  Can we get some salt for these pretzels over here?