Obama: Free Birth Control Saves Money

Obama: Free Birth Control Saves Money

Yesterday, President Barack Obama said the free birth control mandate is one of the reasons why they passed the healthcare law.  Free contraception saves money!

“This law has secured access to preventive care like mammograms and cancer screenings with no co-pay, no deductible, no out of pocket cost for more than 20 million women, and now most health plans are beginning to cover the cost of contraceptive care, which is vital for women’s health,” Obama said. “Doctors prescribe contraception, not only for family planning but as a way to reduce the risk of ovarian and other cancers, and it’s good for our health care system in general because we know the overall cost of care is lower when women have access to contraceptive services.”

In March, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health that covering contraceptives – including those that induce abortions – and sterilization saves money because it means fewer people!

But let’s go with President Obama’s argument that birth control saves money. The question is: if doctors ever make a pill that helps prevent testicular or prostate cancers, cancers exclusively for men, would this administration go to such lengths to make sure those pills are covered for men?

If women are allowed to receive free cancer screenings, why not men? These plans should cover the prostate exam and the prostate specific antigen test. Right now, there isn’t a specific test for testicular screenings except for a self-exam, but if one becomes available, will it be covered under Obamacare?

Men’s Health published an article about a study from The Lancet and The Lancet Oncology. Their research found taking a daily dose of aspirin could help prevent and may even treat cancers. This pill could even help prevent a cancer from spreading to other organs.

“These include cancers of the gut, particularly colorectal cancer, some cancers of the lung, and most cancers of the breast and prostate,” said study author Peter Rothwell, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Neurology at Oxford University.

What was that? Aspirin could even help breast cancer from spreading to other organs? It should definitely be covered under Obamacare then.

Maybe President Obama and the rest of the left should just admit the real reason why it’s imperative birth control is 100% covered by insurance companies. We know what it is, but we want to hear it from their mouths.