Bombshell Report Sparks International Flood of Tips on Foreign Online Donations

Bombshell Report Sparks International Flood of Tips on Foreign Online Donations

Just hours after the release of the Government Accountability Institute’s blockbuster 108-page exposé on the threat of illegal foreign online campaign donations, GAI says the tip box on its new website,, has been flooded with new research leads and information on possible illegal foreign campaign contributions.

“It’s been overwhelming and encouraging,” said GAI President Peter Schweizer in an interview with Breitbart News. “Citizens from all perspectives care deeply about protecting the integrity of our election system. We’re humbled and grateful for the tremendous response we’ve received and are eager to begin sifting through the tips and research Americans are sending in.”

The GAI report found that almost half (47.3%) of all members of Congress have campaign donation pages that lack anti-fraud credit card security, leaving them vulnerable to foreign and fraudulent online donations. President Barack Obama’s campaign website lacks such systems, while Governor Mitt Romney’s website has them.

Several major news organizations are now covering the developing story, including: Daily Beast, ABC News, Fox News, Slate, Washington Examiner, Daily Caller, National Review Online, and numerous others.

The complete report, titled America The Vulnerable: Are Foreign and Fraudulent Online Campaign Contributions Influencing U.S. Elections?, can be downloaded at The site also includes an email sign up to receive a “raw data” set 12 hours before it releases the information to the public later this week.

“There’s nothing more bipartisan than protecting our system from illegal foreign influence,” said Schweizer. “We live in an iPod world with jukebox campaign laws. So we want to encourage everyone to get involved in modernizing our campaign system and to keep sending in information, stories, and resources involving illegal foreign solicitations or donations.”