#WAR — The Battle of Our Times

#WAR — The Battle of Our Times

Note from Senior Management:

Andrew Breitbart is, and always will be irreplaceable. But he left behind a legacy that continues to inspire, and a road map for anybody willing to seek out the truth. In honor of Andrew, we are proud to present a brand new weekly feature entitled #WAR, where we will choose a video that reminds us all of the unique and powerful way in which he chose to fight for all that he believed, in an effort to level the playing field such that more voices could be heard.


Governor Mitt Romney’s victory at last week’s debate was so convincing that even the mainstream media couldn’t spin it.  But he won something else that night that could prove to be equally damaging to the left come November: he won the hearts and minds of conservatives.  We are unified….and now, the left will inevitably do one thing: organize.

In February of 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin, conservatives were also unified around embattled Governor Scott Walker.  As they gathered peacefully to support a Governor and his message of fiscal responsibility, they were soon surrounded by union members.  The left organized.  And as Gadsden flags clashed with union banners for visual bragging rights that cold afternoon, Andrew once again took center stage.