Iowa Poll: 68% Support Photo ID Law

Iowa Poll: 68% Support Photo ID Law

A new poll in Iowa found 68 percent of Iowans support Photo ID legislation that would require voters to present a photo ID before voting in state elections. Only 29 percent of those surveyed opposed. 

According to the Iowa Republican, an influential website for Iowa politics, Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz has tried to pass Photo ID legislation but has been blocked by Democrats, who control the state Senate. The Republican-controlled House has passed the photo ID bill.  

The poll also found that of the 68 percent who favor the law, “54 percent strongly support the measure.” In addition, 90 percent of Republicans, 70 percent of independents, and 43 percent of Democrats also support the photo ID legislation.   

The Iowa Republican and Consumer Research surveyed 500 voters between September 23-25.