Romney to Unveil 'Agricultural Prosperity' Plan in Iowa

Romney to Unveil 'Agricultural Prosperity' Plan in Iowa

Trying to run up his margins with rural voters, Mitt Romney will present his “agricultural prosperity” agenda to support a “vibrant rural America” at a campaign event in Iowa on Wednesday.

Romney and Obama were tied in Iowa in pre-debate polls. 

Romney will also criticize President Barack Obama for “pursuing harmful policies in area after area,” including taxes, regulations, a stalled trade agenda, and policies that have driven up energy costs while disregarding the concerns and needs of “farmers, ranchers, and rural communities.”  

The most recent survey of rural voters found Romney led Obama by 14 points among rural voters in “swing state rural counties.” 

The paper notes, “it is not only our core values that thrive in our small towns and family farms; our economy does as well, when hardworking men and women are supported by sound policies that promote growth while minimizing unnecessary interference from Washington bureaucrats.”

The Romney agenda for rural America promises to:

  • Implement effective tax policies to support family farms and strong agribusiness
  • Pursue trade policies that expand upon the success of the agriculture sector, not limit it
  • Create a regulatory environment that is commonsense and cost-effective
  • Achieve energy independence on this continent by 2020