Ann Romney: Obama Campaign Resorting To 'Sandbox' Tactics

Ann Romney: Obama Campaign Resorting To 'Sandbox' Tactics

Ann Romney on Tuesday continued the push against the Obama campaign’s tactic of essentially calling Mitt Romney a liar after Obama’s disastrous debate performance last week. 

The Obama campaign has claimed Romney is lying about the details of his tax proposals. But as more organizations are debunking Obama’s assertion, the pressure is building against the Obama campaign to stop resorting to calling Romney’s tax plan a lie. 

“I mean, it’s sort of like someone in the sandbox who lost the game and kicks sand in someone’s face and says ‘you liar’,” Ann Romney said. “To me it’s poor sportsmanship.” 

As Fox News noted, the Obama campaign has claimed Romney’s tax cuts would not be “deficit-neutral” but even mainstream media fact-checkers from the Associated Press and Politifact have said Obama’s claim “doesn’t add up” and is “misleading,” respectively. 

The Obama campaign also tried to mischaracterize Princeton economist Harvey Rosen’s study for political gain by claiming Rosen’s analysis found Romney would raise taxes on the middle class.

Rosen said he could not “tell exactly how the Obama campaign reached that characterization of my work,” which found Romney’s tax proposals were “mathematically” sound if the the economy grew by three percentage points more over the term of the tax plan than it would have without.

Rosen said  organizations like the Tax Policy Center, which is affiliated with liberal institutions like Brookings and the Urban Institute, analyzed Romney’s tax plan assuming there would be no economic growth.

The point of Romney’s tax plan, of course, is grow the economy.