Michelle Wants to Visit CVS to Escape 'The Bubble'

Michelle Wants to Visit CVS to Escape 'The Bubble'

The bubble is back.

Throughout the Obama administration, we’ve heard about the fabled bubble that the Obamas supposedly try to escape on a regular basis. They don’t try to escape the bubble by hanging out with the rabble at NASCAR rallies or slumming it with the regular Joes at Fourth of July parties; they opt instead for fancy vacations in Aspen, Spain, and Martha’s Vineyard.

But Michelle Obama says she wants to escape the bubble once again. And she’ll do it by taking off for CVS. Or, more likely, she’ll whine about how much she wants to go to CVS.

“I can’t walk outside. I can’t take my dog for a walk,” Michelle told NBC’s iVillage. She said she can’t stand the “loss of privacy … loss of anonymity.

“I tease, it’s like one day I am going to walk out that gate,” she continued. “I’m just going to walk out. I’m going to walk out. No one’s going to know, I’m not going to notify anybody and I’m just going to walk … I’m going to go to CVS. I find myself gazing at CVS. I just want to walk in there, walk in there and walk around, pick up some soap.

“Now at CVS you have to get your bag, you have to pay if you want a bag. I heard about that, so it’s like I don’t want to go into CVS all ignorant and be like what’s this … and now I know that you have to pay for a bag which wasn’t the case three and a half years ago so things have changed,” she said.

Oh, the hardships of being First Lady.