Michelle: Nobody 'Less Satisfied' Than Barack With His Performance

Michelle: Nobody 'Less Satisfied' Than Barack With His Performance

Michelle Obama is currently the Obama campaign’s top asset. With her husband floundering in the polls and his running mate struggling in the popularity ratings, her sterling 69% approval rating makes her a hot commodity. And so she’s hitting the campaign trail repeatedly to stump for her husband.

On that campaign trail, she’s forced to confront the fact that her husband’s record is less than admirable. And so she’s falling back on a bizarre campaign tactic: Barack Obama isn’t satisfied:

There is nobody that is less satisfied and knows that there’s more to do than my husband. Yeah, there has been a lot accomplished but Barack, of all people, knows that there’s still folks hurting and there’s still work to be done.

He’s not finishing until that work gets done, on issue after issue, whether it’s immigration reform, whether it’s dealing with our environment, whether it’s really solidifying our education system, ensuring that we’ve got vibrant economy and there are millions of more — even though there have been 4.6 million jobs created — we want that number to double and triple and continue over the years, so yeah, there’s still lots of work to be done.

These are the words of a losing campaign. If a president is not satisfied with the work he’s accomplished after one term – indeed, if there’s nobody “less satisfied” – then he ought not be re-elected. Clearly Michelle is trying to claim that Obama isn’t complacent, but her words suggest that he’s actually frustrated with his own inability to change anything.

This isn’t a positive message. And if Michelle can’t even deliver a positive message on behalf of the Obama campaign, who’s left?