Bully Biden Proves Obama's Got Nothing

Bully Biden Proves Obama's Got Nothing

It was interesting to me when, after the vice-presidential debate, Fox News Channel interviewed Chris Wallace and Charles Krauthammer, both of whom said they had never seen a more “disrespectful” participant in a debate than Joe Biden. 

Constant interruptions, mocking laughter, condescending references to “my friend over here,” and what’s with the Democratic ticket and those smirks? So glad you’re having so much fun spending our money, Joe, but a lot of people are hurting here.

Biden was obviously told the ticket is all on him. Obama is running on empty and Biden was supposed to make it right. Problem is, inappropriate laughter by the vice president when the discussion is focused on the murder of our ambassador and three diplomats in Libya doesn’t cut it and doesn’t make Obama look competent. It just gives credence to the notion that Biden is out to lunch and Obama has no leadership skills.

I was also struck by how condescending Biden was when looking into the camera and speaking to the American people. Biden told us to use our “common sense” at one point. So sorry, Joe; you know us, we’re just a bunch of dumb Americans out here with no common sense.

In a recent interview in which he was asked about the vice-presidential debate, President Obama said, “Joe just has to be Joe.” Hope he met Obama’s expectations.

I know some people wanted Paul Ryan to be more aggressive, but where was the moderator? How many times was the real debate between Paul Ryan on one side, and Joe Biden and the moderator on the other? The debate simply confirmed the bullying tactics of the left when they have no substance, no record to stand on. How much lower can they go?

Paul Ryan remained a classy guy of high character, even to the end of the debate. He even thanked Joe Biden at the end and said it was an honor to debate him. Actually, Paul, I think the honor was Joe’s.