No Joke: Team Obama Attacks Paul Ryan for 'Eloquent Rhetoric'

No Joke: Team Obama Attacks Paul Ryan for 'Eloquent Rhetoric'

President Barack Obama’s campaign has released an Internet advertisement attacking Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan for his “eloquent rhetoric” that “can’t hide the harsh reality” of Romney and Ryan’s economic agenda.

The two-minute video hilariously features an articulate Ryan making a moral case for free enterprise side-by-side with Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), who clumsily and inarticulately tries to make the false argument that the middle class would have to “pay” for Romney’s tax cuts. Van Hollen’s voice cracks a few times in the clip as well. 

One could believe at times Team Romney cut the ad if it were not streamed on Obama’s YouTube channel.

“Paul Ryan’s eloquent rhetoric can’t hide the harsh reality,” a narrator says in the ad.

The video then cuts to Ryan’s speech at the Republican National Convention, where he said “the greatest of all responsibilities is that of the strong to protect the weak.”

“The truest measure of any society is how it treats those who cannot fend or care for themselves,” Ryan says.

Unlike Obama, who faces criticism for not having the substance to back up his articulateness in front of a teleprompter, Ryan combines his “eloquent rhetoric” with actual substance. And that is why this strange Obama “Truth Team” ad ends up doing Romney-Ryan more favors than not.