Obama Camp Polling Director: 'Remind' Swing Voters About Obamacare

Obama Camp Polling Director: 'Remind' Swing Voters About Obamacare

David Simas, President Barack Obama’s polling director, told Obama volunteers on a Wednesday night webcast to “remind” swing voters about Obamacare, which is opposed by a plurality of Americans. 

In response to a question submitted online about what volunteers should tell voters while canvassing, Simas told viewers on the webcast to tell swing voters that Obama inherited a terrible economy and to “remind them about health care.”

Simas also told online Obama supporters to remind voters in Obama’s base about how Obama ended two wars, appointed two liberal Supreme Court Justices, and enacted a deferred action program for certain illegal immigrants by fiat. 

He also said to tell Obama’s base voters that 537 voters in Florida could have “changed the course of history,” in 2000 and “100,000 in Ohio changed the course of history,” referring to George W. Bush’s narrow victories over Democrats Al Gore and John Kerry, respectively. 

Simas said it was up to the Obama volunteers to tell voters the story of Obama’s accomplishments during the last four years.