Biden's Post-Debate Email

Biden's Post-Debate Email

The latest personal email from the Obama campaign came from Joe Biden immediately after the debate, so it’s clear it was written before the debate took place. This email is so terse that you know it wasn’t written by Biden.

I did my best to make you proud tonight.

Already the Obama camp was preparing for the worst.  What makes it funny is that the Obama campaign was clearly terrified of what would come out of Biden”s mouth, as follows:

But I hope you remember one thing: This debate wasn’t about me, or Congressman Ryan.

It turns out that the primary perception of the general audience was that Biden acted like a jerk, so it was, indeed, about him.

It was about you, and what we’re fighting for together.

So if you’re standing with Barack and me, like we’re standing with you, please chip in $3 or more to show it:

By the way, just a brief note to the campaign that purports to represent the “smartest president ever”; that’s more properly stated “as we’re standing with you”, but that’s okay.  You’re trying to sound like Biden.



No, thank you, Joe, for keeping your remarks here brief. There’s only so much bloviating we can take.