Debates Reveal Obama, Biden Running on Empty (Rhetoric)

Debates Reveal Obama, Biden Running on Empty (Rhetoric)

Many scored last night’s Vice Presidential debate a substantive draw. But if current Vice President Joe Biden was a lawyer in court, he would have been found in contempt and sanctioned for his grotesque mugging.

Try those smirks on a playground, and you will get your pretty teeth knocked in.

But let’s call all things a draw. Perhaps you don’t much care for Obama or Romney. Perhaps you are genuinely stuck on who to vote for. Let me give you some practical advice – the kind you might get from a plumber.

Pretend we are homeowners with dangerously clogged bipartisan toilets. Next, please ponder metaphorically a similarly obstructed lavatory shared by our current executive and legislative branches of government. Emergency Roto-Rooter (Romney-Ryan) is needed before the sewage comes back at us.

A Republican controlled House is a certainty in 2013. If Obama wins, our clogged governmental toilets will remain log-jammed. Soon, there will be inevitably overflowing which will really stink up this country. Maybe that is what Romney meant when he spoke about trickle down government. It sure ain’t pretty. But it is avoidable.

Here is why we need to give the Romney/Ryan ticket a try. They have some plans. Obama’s got nothing. No budget. No new ideas. Not on the debt bomb. Not on the threat of radical Islam. Obama had no plan in Benghazi. Rather than admit ineptitude, Obama sought to distract by blaming a YouTube video. That was unconscionable. You don’t lie about murder.

When I play poker, a pair of deuces ain’t much, but it beats the player who has nothing. When you play the cards out and make everybody show their hands, something always beats nothing. That is especially true when the side with nothing has stopped even trying.

It was Obama’s lack of effort that was most revealing part of the Denver debate last week. It is as if Obama never even studied his opponent. Diligent preparation is never as fun as hanging with “The View” or looking at Hoover Dam. By the way, it is probably not wise to study in Vegas or associate yourself with Herbert Hoover.

On the bright side, Romney faced Super Bowl type pressure like a champion. No teleprompter. No low blows. Romney delivered an unparalleled ass kicking. It will be great to have a new President who excels under pressure. Which leader would you rather have facing down China, Putin and OPEC?

We now know why this President eschews meetings with the Congress,press, and world leaders. He’s got nothing. He doesn’t like to be challenged. It can get embarrassing without a teleprompter. We need a President like Romney who can work with friend and foe. Romney tried to talk with Obama in Colorado, but POTUS would not look him in the eye.

Senator Obama had no such shy reticence or lack of energy when he gave a stem-winder in June of 2007 at Hampton University. The room was full of African-American admirers, including his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Every person contemplating a vote for Obama should first view this entire video. It is race baiting. It is hate mongering. It is delivered in a phony Southern street accent. I think I know why Biden said, “they goin’ to put y’all back in chains.” Biden was just trying to please his boss.

Perhaps that also motivated the contemptuous cackling by our VP in Kentucky. Consider the hypocrisy of so many Democrats when it comes to calling our inappropriate levity. President George W. Bush was brutalized for his occasional out of place giggle, but they give a pass to Joe “Mr. Guffaw” Biden. Politicians with fake demeanors deserve our disdain. Biden is the new king of phony hilarity.