'Debt, Division, and Dishonesty': Former Obama Voter Jodi Carroll to Vote for Romney

'Debt, Division, and Dishonesty': Former Obama Voter Jodi Carroll to Vote for Romney

Last week during primetime, Americans across the nation saw a commercial during ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” featuring Obama 2008 voters who will vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in 2008.

Ending Spending Action Fund, the super PAC started by TD Ameritrade co-founder Joe Ricketts, is running the ads nationwide.  Stephen K. Bannon directed the ads in a style similar to the movie “The Hope and the Change,” which also tells the story about former Obama 2008 voters in key swing states who will not for him in 2012.  

Jodi Carroll, an Illinois resident and a practicing nurse who voted for and donated to Obama in 2008, is one of the women featured in the national ad campaign, and her story has resonated with viewers. 

If Obama loses in November, it will be because he has betrayed voters like Carroll who, with the help of a complicit mainstream media, fell for Obama’s promises of “hope and change’ in 2008. 

Carroll told Breitbart News she voted for Obama because she was voting “based on emotion rather than substantiated data” and “thought liberalism in general was about something very different than what it actually appears to me to be.”

There are many voters like Carroll across the nation, as evidenced by the number of visitors who have gone to www.whyichangedmyvote.com and submitted testimonials about why they have changed their votes from Obama to Romney.

Brian C. Baker, president of Ending Spending Action Fund, told Breitbart News “the voters featured in our ‘why I changed’ ads are President Obama’s worst nightmare.”

The site has had over 500,000 visitors and over one million video views in 20 days. In addition, over 11,000 former Obama 2008 voters have submitted testimonials on the site about why they are changing their votes in 2012. 

“In some cases, these folks didn’t just vote for Barack Obama, they donated to or volunteered for his campaign,” Baker said. “And now, just four short years later, they not only oppose Obama, but they are rooting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.”

Baker said what was more interesting is that these “former Obama voters don’t dislike him, they just have studied the facts and know that the Obama/Biden Administration has been an abject failure, and they believe Romney and Ryan can turn this country around.”

Carroll’s story resonates with these voters because her story is similar to theirs. 

Carroll said she was a “moderate liberal” and had some “flower-child” energy while in college. She said she thought liberalism was not “about what the government was going to do for me or how big it was,” but about “freedom, love and tolerance.”

After Obama became president, Carroll’s worldview has changed completely. 

“What I have discovered over the past several years is that liberalism cannot be about freedom, because too many liberal goals revolve around forcing others to live according to certain laws created in accordance with liberal priorities,” Carroll said. “We will never have love and tolerance in this nation while we are simultaneously trying to use laws to force each other to live a certain way.”  

Carroll said three things about Obama’s presidency have disappointed her: debt, dishonesty, and a divisive leadership style. 

“I remember candidate Obama in 2008 telling us how he would be’ ‘that’ president who would tell us what we needed to know and not what we wanted to hear,” Carroll said. “I have seen Barack Obama’s vision for America in action, and it is a vision of debt, division, and dishonesty.  I am disappointed for those reasons, so I am voting differently this time.”

Carroll said she is “voting against Barack Obama’s vision for America’s future” but noted that “if I end up with the same kind of leadership after November 2012, no matter who wins, I will continue to push for change … until we actually get it.”  

After researching issues the mainstream media often glossed over or ignored and seeing Obama’s failed policies, Carroll decided to start a website, VoteFacts.org, to make it easier for average voters to get better informed on the issues. 

“It is amazing how many like me there are out there,” Carroll said, saying she hears from people things like, “so glad  you’re doing this.”  

Carroll said she had never been engaged in politics but feels like her “dormant energy” has been unleashed after Obama betrayed her with his false campaign promises. 

“What ultimately propelled me forward is that I have felt a continued assault against freedom, and I have felt a desperate fear for the future of our nation,” Carroll said. “In truth, I just cannot see myself submitting to that ‘can’t do’ concept anytime soon.  I have kids who need to grow up in this country, how could I possibly give up?  How can any of us give up?  It’s too important.”