No Joe-mentum

No Joe-mentum

Coming out of Thursday’s one and only Vice Presidential debate, the one thing that remains perfectly clear is that Joe Biden did nothing to stop the Romney-Ryan momentum. “The Big Mo” for the Republican ticket began with a bang almost 10 days ago due to the excellent performance delivered by Governor Romney at the first debate.

At points Thursday night, a split screen was featured to show close-ups of both candidates at the same time, and the contrast could not have been more dramatic. In the left screen we saw the past. We saw an arrogant, liberal machine politician way past his prime, who is bankrupt of new ideas and in complete denial of the Obama-Biden Administration’s failures across the board. 

In the right screen we saw the future. We saw an optimistic and serious 42-year old from the Midwest equipped with innovative plans to get America working again and to deal with our pending debt crisis.

On the left we saw a man too scarred by the divisive battles of Vietnam, Roe v. Wade, and class warfare to work with the other party for the good of the country. On the right we saw a man with the courage to work with those across the aisle to put politically tough reforms on the table aimed at giving future generations the same opportunities he had growing up.  

The man on the left attacked and offered the failed status quo; the man on the right offered solutions and a way forward. The man on the left belittled; the man on the right stood firm.

Because of this momentum and obvious contrast in approach, this week the Wall Street Journal reported that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are on offense campaigning in enemy territory – looking for voters in swing states who supported President Obama and Vice President Biden in 2008, but who are disappointed and ready for real leadership and new answers.

This strategic move by Romney-Ryan indicates that they believe their conservative base is primed and ready to turn out in record numbers to retire Obama and Biden, and that it’s time to find open-minded independents and Reagan Democrats ready for an economic turnaround. These voters and their true stories – from Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina, Virginia, and Colorado (110 electoral votes) – are showcased in Citizens United Productions’ brand new film, The Hope & The Change.

25 days until the election and all eyes are focused on October 16th, the date of the second presidential debate. Will the momentum continue for Governor Romney? If President Obama continues to offer an economic plan that consists only of tax increases, the answer will be a resounding yes.