Hillary Clinton: Accomplice to Liars

Hillary Clinton: Accomplice to Liars

Have Americans had enough yet of Hillary Clinton being placed on a phony pedestal as the political star who would beat any presidential candidate, were she only to agree to run? How is it that Mrs. Clinton continually polls as a most desirable and trustworthy leader? Just this past July, a Gallup poll found that Mrs. Clinton’s favorability rating was 66%, a full 12% higher than that of Barack Obama!

What has Hillary Clinton done to invite such high levels of praise and esteem? HillaryCare? Stuck by her husband (who also polled at 66% favorability!) who lied, straight-faced, to the American people? Hurriedly “moved” to New York so she could become that state’s next U.S. Senator? Slammed Barack Obama on the primary campaign trail, only to turn around to become his Secretary of State, supporting his every move to denigrate America throughout the world? Ignored the pleas for additional security from our ambassador to Libya as 9/11 approached, then covered up the real events that led up to his murder by blaming an obscure, cartoonish video as well as the First Amendment?

Have Hillary Clinton’s lies about the murders of our ambassador and other diplomats in Libya finally underscored for Americans that this woman is as much a part of government corruption as the corrupt men to whom she attaches herself?

There is something deviant in this Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, a woman who continues to be so attracted to power that she is willing to lie for it and willing to serve as an accomplice to other liars. Yet liberal women hold her up as the standard to be imitated, the role model who supposedly broke through the “glass ceiling.” Is it inevitable for liberals to choose as a shining example someone without moral character, someone who would first cover for themselves and fellow liars rather than protect and defend what is right and true — even if it means admitting one’s failure, even if it means admitting the failure of one’s husband, even if it means admitting the failure of the president of the United States?

What has transpired over the past few days regarding the heinous cover-up in Libya is sickening to me and, hopefully, sickening to many Americans. It is time to kick Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, this entire administration, and the media who adore them out the door and as far down the road as we can. To say that they corrupt what is good about America is by far an understatement.

It’s time to take this country back to a place where America is at her best again, and American leaders spend their time making America even better, not covering up one deceit after another. Are we finally sick of having sociopaths in power in America?