Colorado Springs Mayor: Romney-Obama Debate 'Microcosm' of Obama Failures

Colorado Springs Mayor: Romney-Obama Debate 'Microcosm' of Obama Failures

This weekend in the Colorado Springs GazetteColorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach wrote that the debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in Denver was “a microcosm of everything that has been wrong with the Obama presidency.”

“President Obama was inconsistent and unfocused,” Bach wrote. “He was high on rhetoric and low on specifics. He had little in the way of plans, and little in the way of explanation for why his policies haven’t worked over the last four years. And time and time again, President Obama’s platitudes were empty and lacking in substance.”

Bach wrote Obama didn’t provide any details about how to lower “Colorado Springs’ 9.5 percent unemployment rate besides more taxes and more government spending we can’t afford” and “the only part of the budget President Obama seems all too willing to cut has been funding for defense and for our military, threatening some 20,000 Colorado jobs.”

He said Romney “provided a very different take” that included reducing the costs for business by cutting the cost of energy “by opening up the incalculable resources we have here in America” and reducing “burdensome regulations — including Obamacare — that add thousands upon thousands of dollars of costs on top of businesses, killing jobs and crushing growth.”

“He’ll cut taxes on small businesses, allowing them to reinvest in their enterprises,” Bach wrote of Romney. “He will put creating jobs for the American people first. That will be his priority. That will be his legacy.”

In contrast, “Obama’s policies have slowed our economy’s recovery, and his reckless spending habits have saddled our children and grandchildren with another $5.5 trillion in debt.”

“A second term will send our national debt soaring to $20 trillion,” Bach wrote. 

Bach was particularly impressed by how Romney answered a question about the theory of the role of government right after Obama stammered his way through the same question: 

Governor Romney turned and pointed to the words on the wall behind him. They were from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Then he talked about America. He talked about dreams and goals deferred in a nation that is thirsting for a real recovery, one that lets them pursue happiness in their own way. In that moment, we weren’t watching another politician or a bureaucrat.

          We we’re watching a President.