Romney in Virginia: Obama Campaign 'Running on Fumes'

Romney in Virginia: Obama Campaign 'Running on Fumes'

Mitt Romney went to Virginia on Wednesday for two campaign stops and said President Obama’s campaign may be “running on fumes” amidst reports that the Obama campaign’s internal polls have Obama struggling in key battleground states like Virginia.

Obama is struggling not only because of his failed economic record but because he has offered no vision for what a second term would look like. Obama’s disastrous debate performance against Romney during their first matchup personified everything Americans suspected was wrong with Obama, and voters have been trending toward Romney ever since, tipping swing states like Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Colorado in which Obama had consistent leads to Romney

Romney hammered those themes in his two campaign appearances in Virginia, highlighting Obama’s poor economic record and calling him out for failing to offer specific solutions to questions he was asked during their town hall debate. 

The Richmond Times-Dispatch‘s headline about Romney’s campaign appearance in Chesapeake was: “…Romney Says Obama Has No Second Term Agenda”

The Virginian-Pilot’s  headline said Romney was “fired up.”

In Leesburg, Virginia on Tuesday night, Romney said Obama has not explained “why his plans have not worked” and listed off questions Obama did not answer in their second debate. He went on to say Obama did not answer a question from Jeremy, a college student who asked about jobs, nor from Lorraine about immigration.

Romney said Obama also did not address a question at the town hall from Mike, who voted for Obama in 2008 and may not do so in 2012 because the middle class has been “buried” under Obama. 

Romney also said there are 3.6 more million women living in poverty in Obama’s economy, which Obama did not even acknowledge in addressing women’s issues during the town hall debate.

According to reports, Romney drew twice as many people at his event as Obama did at his most recent Virginia campaign stop in a similar location. 

Comedian Dennis Miller, who officially endorsed Romney earlier in the dad, introduced Romney before the Leesburg event and bragged about how Romney has been personally generous to many individuals throughout his life, something Romney often feels uncomfortable talking about himself. 

“He’s a good man, Mitt Romney. You know that about him.” Miller said. 

Miller also said he has “had it” with with the “hipster president.”

“How about the ‘gosh’ president?” Miller asked, in reference to Romney’s wholesomeness.