Obama Supporters Clueless About Second Term Agenda

Obama Supporters Clueless About Second Term Agenda

President Barack Obama has not been able to run on his record and has not presented a second-term agenda. But now, even his supporters are catching on to Obama’s lack of plans to fix the economy should he get elected. 

On Thursday, Obama campaigned in New Hampshire, and The Washington Times interviewed Obama’s supporters at the rally — and nearly all of them had no clue what Obama was even selling or proposing for his second term. 

Cynthia Malbon of Manchester, New Hampshire said: 

“I don’t know,” said Cynthia Malbon of Manchester. “I’m skeptical that anything much is going to happen. It’s probably going to be worse next time around.”

“I’d like to hear just how he’s going to accomplish [a stronger economy],” she said. “I was a lot more optimistic four years ago than I am today, that’s for sure.”

Here’s Ron Chito of Medford, Massachusetts: 

Asked whether the president has done a good job describing his vision for a second term, supporter Ron Chito of Medford, Mass., replied, “Not really.”

“If you’re a good reader and you know what is going on, then you have a good idea what his policies are and where he’s headed,” said Mr. Chito, a retired utility worker who attended the rally in Manchester. “Hopefully, we can get more Democrats in the House and Senate so we can get a good jobs bill passed.”

At the rally, Obama — as he has done throughout the campaign — attacked Mitt Romney, criticized his plans, and played the abortion card. 

Romney spokesperson Ryan Williams said Obama offered “voters more misleading attacks to distract from his failed record, his reckless spending and his inability to present a discernible vision to move our country forward.”

“The president is out of new ideas, out of time and out of excuses to explain his failed leadership and broken promises,” he said.