Big Government Utopia California Unemployment Rate Still Above 10%

Big Government Utopia California Unemployment Rate Still Above 10%

California’s unemployment remained above 10% last month — even after the state saw the second-largest drop in its unemployment rate in the nation last month. 

According to the California Employment Development Department, only 8,500 jobs were created in September in California and a meager 262,000 jobs have been created in California in the last year.

And as the Los Angeles Times noted, California’s 10.2% unemployment looks even worse when one considers the rate dropped due to “long-term unemployed people no longer seeking new jobs; people being forced to work part-time when they seek full-time jobs; and others identifying themselves as ‘self-employed,’ though they have little income.”

Another reason why California’s unemployment rate remains above 10% and there were only 14,900 new public sector jobs in California in September is “business owners and executives are dealing with much uncertainty.”

Much of that uncertainty comes from America’s looming debt crisis and California’s burdensome business regulations and taxes that have caused Californians to flee the state en masse the last decade to more business-friendly states like Texas. 

California’s 10.2% unemployment rate is the third worst in the nation, behind Nevada’s at 11.8% and Rhode Island’s at 10.5%.