Poll: Romney's Ohio Favorables Up 30 Since February

Poll: Romney's Ohio Favorables Up 30 Since February

Public Policy Polling announced Saturday afternoon that presidential candidate Mitt Romney has seen a 30-point upward swing in his favorability ratings in the state of Ohio since February.

The numbers were juxtaposed in a succinct Twitter update:

The 21-point increase in those who favor the former Massachusetts Governor suggests more than half of the 16% undecided from the February figure, once exposed to him directly through the Republican National Convention and presidential debates, have adopted a positive view of the GOP challenger. 

Even if all those who are currently undecided come from the 9% who used to have an unfavorable view of Romney, that would mean all 16% of former undecideds have swung to a positive view of the candidate along with 5% of those formerly unfavorable.

The complete poll shows Romney with a 47% favorable rating among independents, 41% unfavorable, and 12% unsure. Among that same group, the February numbers had Romney at 30% favorable and 53% unfavorable — a 29-point net positive shift.