Another Video Obama Wishes Was Never Made

Another Video Obama Wishes Was Never Made

This week I received an email with a link in it telling me to watch a video on the internet that would make me feel revolted. 

With all the news about the cheap anti-Islam video released last July that the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, US Ambassador to the UN and the White House Chief Spokesman have used as a decoy, who needs another revolting video? The last thing we Americans need is the enemies of the West to have another rallying point to hate us, and for the Administration to have another excuse for their failed Mideast policies.

However, this new video will actually make the enemies of the U.S. chuckle.  They will laugh heartily when viewing the video of how the once great and mighty United States is completely corrupted, inept, and out of control.

Note the use of the word revolting in my description of the video has nothing to do with protest or out of control mobs–it has to do with volts of electricity and the recharging of lithium ion batteries. It also has to do with the failed energy policy of the Obama administration–a failure as apparent and as large as the failed foreign policy for the Mideast.

Folks, the video is out of the great state of Michigan–and it is a video about the factory in Holland, Michigan that President Obama and Secretary Chu built for LG Chemicals to supply batteries for the Chevy Volt.  

I had blogged about a month back that the workers in the factory were on a 25% furlough and the factory that received $150 million of tax payers’ money has never supplied a single battery to Chevrolet. 

What is now known is that while the workers come to the factory three out of four working days, they sit around read magazines, watch movies, and play cards in the factory on the days they are called to work.

No wonder the Holland Michigan factory has yet to supply a single battery to Chevrolet for the Chevy Volts.  Secretary Steven Chu and his Department of Energy not only gave LG Chemicals our $150 million a few years back, but in July 2011 they awarded LG Chemicals another $9.6 million for additional advanced battery research.   

The ability of Secretary Chu to waste taxpayers’ money is at the same level as White House press secretary Jay Carney’s ability to invent fabrications of the truth on the ground in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.  

How either of these two men still have a job is as amazing as the work being done in the Holland Michigan battery factory.

Another shoe will soon drop in Obama’s failed energy policy.  This shoe is in the area of biofuels. KIOR, a company that claimed to make gasoline out of wood and received millions from the State of Mississippi, was supposed to start up in September their wonder chemical factory that will mimic in a few seconds what nature took 300 million years to produce: fossil fuel from wood.  

Well that factory has not yet started up and the stock of KIOR has dropped almost 50% in the last 20 days. KIOR will announce their results on November 8. I wonder why it chose a date two days after the election?  I think the answer is quite simple: 300 million years of nature cannot be compressed into a few seconds.

In the Mideast when a shoe drops that means the great insult of having a shoe thrown is about to occur. In the US when a shoe drops a great spin master like Jay Carney simply invents a new reality that fits the political purpose.  

After November 8 when KIOR announces problems with the startup of the wood-to-gasoline wonder chemical plant, Jay will say there must have been something wrong with the wood. Perhaps Jay can get a job in January at a county fair?

Lindsay Leveen is a Chemical Engineer who blogs at and has written a book on energy and sustainability titled Hydrogen – Hope or Hype?