George Zimmerman Granted Access to Trayvon Martin's School Records, Social Media Accounts

George Zimmerman Granted Access to Trayvon Martin's School Records, Social Media Accounts

Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson has agreed to grant George Zimmerman’s legal team access to Trayvon Martin’s school records and social media sites. Martin’s parents, along with their attorney, had strongly opposed the move, contending the only purpose was to dig for dirt to smear their deceased son.

Yet, one eyewitness account of the confrontation claimed that at one point Tray Martin was on top of Zimmerman, employing what appears to be Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting techniques.

It’s believed that there may be evidence of Martin having had experience with those techniques located among his social media, most likely in the form of video. If so, it could support Zimmerman’s claim that Martin was acting as the aggressor.

Additionally, Martin was punished at school for possessing an empty marijuana baggie and there may be other incidents of behavior problems in his school records. While true exposing such details may tarnish the deceased Martin’s reputation, information contained therein may also shed at least some light on the nature of the encounter between the two men that night.

Zimmerman defense attorney Mark O’Mara said he owed it to his client. “Though it sounds horrible to come before you and say, I really want to go after the victims reputation, that is simply what the Sixth Amendment tells us we have to do.”

Judge Debra S. Nelson of Seminole County Circuit Court agreed, saying Martin’s Twitter, Facebook and school records were relevant. However, the information may not be made public. She intends to review it herself for relevancy prior to any public disclosure.

The defendant, Zimmerman, maintains that he acted in self-defense the night unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin was killed. Martin’s family contends that Zimmerman had profiled him. Zimmerman’s medical records are also  being brought into question to assess his personality, if he was prone to violence, as well as what if any medications he may have been on at the time of the shooting.