Ohio Senate: Mandel Calls Brown a 'Liar'

Ohio Senate: Mandel Calls Brown a 'Liar'

In a debate last Thursday evening Josh Mandel, the Republican nominee for the Ohio U.S. Senate seat, called his opponent, radical leftist Sherrod Brown, a liar. Brown stammered back that that Mandel was cited by PolitiFact Ohio six times with “Pants on Fire” designations. 

But as reported here just two weeks ago, PolitiFact is a front for the Democratic Party:

Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans on the staff of PolitiFact Ohio by a 4:1 ratio, twelve of the Cleveland Plain Dealer “fact checking” outlet’s employees are Democrats (including the two editors) and only three are Republicans.

PolitiFact Ohio employs a leftist named Tom Feran, an Obama supporter who has disparaged conservatives as “wingnuts” and “yahoos”, to rate the level of truth of candidates’ statements. Of the 44 statements Politifact Ohio has rated (22 for each candidate), Feran has rated 9 by Brown and 6 by Mandel. Feran also decided that Brown’s statements are completely true 44% of the time, and at least half-true another 44% of the time. Mandel, on the other hand, tells complete falsehoods 50% of the time! In total, Feran says, Brown tells the truth two-thirds of the time while Mandel lies two-thirds of the time.

Additionally, PolitiFact Ohio rules that Democrats are honest 26 percent more often than they are dishonest, and Republicans are dishonest 6 percent more often than they are honest, a 32 point bulge for the Democrats.

So much for Brown using PolitiFact to call Mandel a liar.  But there is a whole list of Brown’s lies delineated here. And one more; Brown recently said, “I think I’ve worked with business better than any senator in recent memory,” but voted for Obamacare, which imposes new taxes and regulations on businesses; consistently voted in line with the extreme environmental lobby, including joining Obama in his war on coal, but Ohio gets 86% of its electricity from coal; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave Brown a lifetime rating of 32, the 4th lowest among the current 100 Senators.

Brown has been lying for years, but no one has called him on it. The double standard of the mainstream media is astonishing; the Obama campaign insinuates that Mitt Romney is a murderer, and the mass media never blinks, but if Josh Mandel properly and accurately calls Sherrod Brown a liar, the Democratic Party sycophants in the media become hysterical.

The bottom line is this: if the people of Ohio care about whether their economy goes in the tank or not under Obama and the Democrats, they will vote for Mandel. If they want to put their heads in the sand like ostriches, they won’t.