Obama Economy: Ohio Bleeds Private Jobs in September

Obama Economy: Ohio Bleeds Private Jobs in September

The Obama Administration has been touting the supposed upturn in the economy by using the September national unemployment rate of 7.8%. Don’t tell that to the blue-collar workers of Ohio.

According to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, the private sector of Ohio took a nosedive in September. 

            Construction: -4,100

            Manufacturing: -4,300

            Transportation: -1,800

            Hospitals: -4,600

            Financial activities: -2,900

            Automobile dealers: -300

The surest sign of a failing economy can be seen in the one business that is necessary for survival: grocery statistics. And the September statistics reflect how bad the economy was, and which direction it headed in September: Ohio’s grocery stores cut 1,600 jobs and Ohio’s restaurants lost 4,700 jobs.

So why weren’t the state’s unemployment numbers worse? Because the two areas that gained significantly were government jobs and university jobs. But here’s the dirty little secret the Obama Administration doesn’t want you to know: of the 50,000 jobs that were added in those two sectors, (34,500 in government and 14,500 in universities) 44,000 were added by the state and local governments in education.

Republican Governor John Kasich and local governments are taking what little money they have and spending it on education.

Meanwhile, Obama’s economy is stifling the private sector. The most important statistic of all is this: when you take out the 50,000 jobs that Kasich and local governments have put into education, Ohio’s unemployment rate would not have dipped from 7.2% to 7.0%, as the Obama campaign would have you believe; the unemployment rate would have risen in September from 7.2% to 7.95%, just under 8%.

Job-seekers in Ohio, beware of the Obama campaign’s deceptive statistics.