Mystery Letter Tells US Citizen He Isn't Eligible to Vote

Mystery Letter Tells US Citizen He Isn't Eligible to Vote

Charles Callaghan is a registered voter and resident of Florida. He was born in the US and has always been a US citizen. So you can imagine his surprise when he received a letter, purportedly from his county’s election office, questioning his citizenship status and, subsequently, his eligibility to vote this November. The letter did not, in fact, come from the election office. It is completely fraudulent and was even mailed from Washington state. 

A copy of the letter is at the bottom of this post. The letter states that it is coming from Vicky Oakes, the Supervisor of Elections in St. Johns County, Florida. However, the email it lists is inaccurate. Also note that, oddly, the letter was sent in first class mail from Seattle, Washington. 

Breitbart News has obtained an e-mail Ms. Oakes sent to the Florida Department of State, requesting an investigation into the origins of the letter:

Good evening Bennett/Gary,

Please see the attached pdf letter that I have been sent by one of my voters questioning his eligibility.  This is very suspicious, as this is not my letterhead or from me although it has all of my office information and has all appearances of being from me and my office.  This is the first one of these I have seen or heard or.  I am grateful to Mr. Callaghan for scanning and sending me the information directly, including the envelope.

I would appreciate any and all help you would be able to provide with an investigation into this matter, or suggestions on any action I should take.  If this is happening to voters in St. Johns County, I feel it is especially important as it may be happening to voters in other counties in Florida also which is why I am bringing this to the immediate attention of the Division as it may need to be shared with other County Supervisors.

Please feel free to contact me if you need anything further, and I will call you on Monday.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Best regards,
Vicky C. Oakes
St Johns County Supervisor of Elections

We don’t know if this was a single letter intended as a prank or if similar mailings are widespread in Florida or other states. But, this has all the hallmarks of a deliberate attempt to suppress the vote of eligible residents. 

Obviously, this a matter for DOJ to investigate. We won’t hold our breaths. 

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