Democrats Want DOJ to Investigate Voter Fraud Allegations

Democrats Want DOJ to Investigate Voter Fraud Allegations

After insisting that voter fraud does not occur and insinuating Republicans were racist for using claims of voter fraud to suppress the vote in liberal areas, Democrats are now asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate potential voter fraud in Virginia. 

Reps. Jim Moran, Bobby Scott, and Jerry Connolly, all Virginia Democrats, wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking the Justice Department to determine whether an isolated incident in Virginia in which Colin Small, an employee working for a Republican consulting firm, allegedly was caught throwing away voter registration forms could be a part of a pattern of potential voter fraud. 

Small worked for a company that was contracted by Strategic Allied Services, a firm the Republican National Committee dropped after it was accused of fraudulent get-out-the-vote efforts. 

Messrs. Moran, Scott, and Connolly, according to The Hill, said recent events merited an investigation to determine if they “are connected and constitute a broader conspiracy of voter registration fraud.”  

“The number of allegations in a multitude of locations would seem to suggest something more than the isolated acts of ‘a few bad apples,'” they wrote.  “We respectfully request the Justice Department to assume the responsibility and conduct its own investigation, given the mounting evidence that one company may have been engaged in a similar multi-state effort to commit voter registration fraud.”

According to The Hill, The Virginia State Board of Elections has rejected appeals from Democrats to investigate voter fraud and a Justice Department spokesperson said they had “received the letter, and we are reviewing the letter.”