Duckworth Drags Joe Walsh's Family into Attack Ads

Duckworth Drags Joe Walsh's Family into Attack Ads

Congressman Joe Walsh’s challenger Tammy Duckworth has turned to vicious personal attacks — a sign of panic in a race she was supposed to win handily. 

According to Walsh, Duckworth is dragging his family through the mud and running ads claiming that Walsh is a deadbeat dad. Several months ago Walsh resolved a dispute between himself and his ex-wife, privately, over child support. In the press conference, Walsh claimed that he and his ex-wife put this issue to rest months ago and have mutually agree that both are both loving parents.

Walsh held the press conference Tuesday with his 25 year-old son, who has had enough of Duckworth’s below-the-belt attacks. Even Chicago’s iconic reporter Walter Jacobson questions if Duckworth’s attacks are a “low blow.”

Duckworth has been documented to have radical-left-wing ties, even with members of the Communist Party U.S.A., and was handpicked by David Axelrod to challenge Walsh in Illinois’s newly drawn and more Democratic 8th district. Walsh, however, is still competitive against Duckworth, who currently finds herself in her own legal trouble. Congressman Walsh recently revealed Duckworth is currently being sued for firing a whistleblower during her time as head of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs. Duckworth’s hearing is scheduled for December, leaving many voters in doubt about her own integrity.